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This Showcase is a work in progress.  As time allows, more photos and dedications will be added to this page.

Coming soon:  A collage of vintage photos
Time in a bottle - Jim Croce
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Joanne's Garden Jewel

This photo above is dedicated to Joanne, my lifelong friend since grade school, who has been a tremendous support to me in all my endeavors, including photography. Her favorite bird is a hummingbird, so, this is dedicated to my wonderful friend, Joanne.


Grand Canyon Photo within Photo

Here is a unexpected shot I got while Jack was shooting a photo of a couple who asked him to snap a photo of them together at the Grand Canyon. This is for you Jack, thinking of all the years spent together.

Tigger's Tale

Tigger just wanted some attention among all the people at a family gathering. This photo was snapped as Tigger was hanging out by Martha's plants.  Photo dedicated to my really cool cousin and friend, Martha, and, of course, Tigger.

The Sportsmen Garden

This is for my favorite brother, Mike, as his favorite store is Cabela's, along with so many other outdoor enthusiasts. Here's for you, Mike! Enjoy the south with your wife, Holly.

"Look at me---I'm a firefighter"

Here's my great-nephew posing in firefighter's clothing. He knows how to work the camera!  But then my niece is a good photographer as well. 


Photo by Jenna Lacharite

My Lil Buddy

Of course, I would want to include, "My Lil Buddy." Here he is showing his fruit juice, but could not get a still shot of his cup. Nancy, my dear friend and neighbor, this is for you---a cute pic of grandson. 

After all these years
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