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Creating whispering moments in gardens and in nature.

​A garden whispers photography

Creating whispering moments in gardens and in nature

​From the photographer's portfolio:


A garden whispers is located in upstate New York by the scenic Lake Champlain shores with the majestic Adirondack mountains to the west. We provide floral and scenic photographs for the eclectic designer/decorator. ​Gardening advice is also available.

"Our services" is listed below and a more detailed description is in our "Services" page listed in the directory.

​Our Services

Below is a listing of our floral and scenic photography with our gardening services.  For a more detailed explanation, please check out our "Services" page in this website's directory.

Original Photography


Plant care Advisement




Events & Workshops      

NEW NOW AVAILABLE: Digitally enhanced photos either from A Garden Whispers or one of your own photographs. Choice of pencil or ink sketched, cartoon sketched, black n' white, pastel watercolor, vivified and oil painting. Prices depend upon size of photo. Photo size starts at 5" x 7." Please leave a message on the location page or call or text message at 518-207-7127 for more info or for a price quote. An example of one of these photographs is located on the Portfolio page.

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